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Investing in Our City’s Infrastructure

Our city needs innovative solutions to continue to create and maintain the infrastructure to handle our rapid population growth. Like so many cities across the nation, our infrastructure is aging. We must continue investing in our water system, sewer system, buildings, roads, and parks to keep it all working correctly and effectively to meet future demand.

As your city council member, I have prioritized fixes to our city’s infrastructure – and I will continue to champion new solutions and investments in the future.


Lacey’s roads are consistently ranked among the best in the State. But that does not mean city leaders can sit back and rely on past success. Road maintenance is a continual investment, and city leaders have an obligation – for public safety and business development – to ensure we continue to invest in the upkeep of our roads. At the same time, considering our city’s growth, we must invest more to ensure our roads can withstand future growth.


Access to water is a matter of life and death. Over the last several years, I have fought for and backed additional water rights for our city. These new water rights have allowed for lifting the moratorium on building in North East Lacey, allowing for the continued growth of our community, resulting in more tax revenue without increasing taxes.


I am also proud of the work we have accomplished to ensure Lacey has the best park system in the South Sound and is a destination for people across the region. I support continuing this great legacy by expanding the options and drawing in more people from outside Lacey. The 500+ acre Greg Cuoio Park in North East Lacey provides endless opportunities for new experiences and attractions. Excellent parks help make our city more attractive to new residents and businesses.


While our city is growing in population, we’re also growing in land mass. We continue to maintain the largest urban growth area of any city in Thurston County. However, our city has made a few annexations in the last several years. Over time, these areas will have to be fully annexed. I believe in a careful and thoughtful approach to ensure each annexation is done at a time when it will benefit the current and future residents without causing an undue infrastructure burden.

Local government is responsible for prioritizing infrastructure for safety, sustainability given population growth, and consistent maintenance. With these goals in mind, I believe in prioritizing infrastructure to ensure our city’s continued health and growth.

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